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   Born In Chile 1985, South American multimedia artist.

    Klawitter's artwork plays with the fact that as observers of nature, we only perceive a microscopic fraction of what is really out there. Our senses have a physical end, but reality has almost no limit. It continues in fractal patterns to dimensions we can't even imagine.

       As William Blake said, it is possible To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. Technology has become, since the origins of mankind a tool to extend our limitations, a way to externalize our senses, a third eye to see through the veil of blackness that reality seems, looked upon with naked eyes.

       Klawitter combines an engineering workflow plus studies in architecture and a bachelor's degree in Fine arts, to build functional sculptural machines with the objective to see where our senses can't. Using Internet as an externalized brain, Arduino micro controllers, hacked equipment and a heuristic technique based purely in trial and error method, Phillip creates machines to register and film the growing of micro planets.

        The end result is multimedia content varying from installation, processed still imagery and hybrid timelapse video. The proceses to grow the micro planets were developed with the collaboration of a biotechnology lab.

2020      Exhibition "Mikron" Casa Hoffman. Bogotá, Colombia

2019      Solo Exhibition "Microinfinito" 6-year retrospective. Sala de Arte CCU Santiago, Chile

2019      Exhibition "Experimental Spaces" Lima, Perú

2017      Solo Exhibition "Microinfinito" Patio Bellavista art space. Santiago, Chile

2016      Exhibition "Proyecciones actuales" Museum of contemporary art, Valdivia, Chile

2016      Exhibition "Historias sobre arte y procesos" Espacio O, Santiago, Chile

2015      Third place in "Matilde Perez, Digital Art and technology 5.0" contest.  Santiago, Chile. 2015      "Shadows" exhibition, Valparaiso, Chile. 2015      Nominated for Beca FAMA by Foundation AMA.  

2014      Bachelor Degree with maximum distinction in Art and Contemporary Culture with five years of complimentary studies in architecture.                 Universidad del Desarrollo.  

2014      Faculty of Architecture and Art  award for best thesis project      “Microinfinito”.    

2013      Finalist in the category of experimental video for Media Arts Biennale in Santiago, Chile.   2013 Exhibition “Campo de Interferencia”                       Gallery Trece, Santiago Chile.  

2012   ”Weya Artist Exhibition” Bonington Gallery. Nottingham England.



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